Thirty Hours In Tokyo

Thirty Hours In Tokyo

I recently did a trip to my lady’s parents place up in Minnesota to relax and rest up after a few hectic months of building a bar, house and shooting way too much at the same time. To get from Bali to Minnesota is a bit of a mission and it can be really hard to get a decent priced ticket. 

Somehow last minute we managed to get a good connection with a thirty hour layover in Tokyo. I've been dreaming of going to Tokyo since I watched my first quirky Anime series and laid eyes on the book Fresh Fruits thats a collection of weirdly dressed Japanese kids in the Yoyogi park area.

Our excitement sitting on the train from the airport was barely containable and expectations were high. We arrived at Shinjuku train station during rush hour. Man, never have I seen so many people move so silently and gently together, like an organism of gentle souls living in chaotic harmony with each other yet still respecting each others personal space. The city is incredibly clean and to get a good bowl of ramen is not at all as pricy as we thought it would be. We strolled the intense shopping streets of Harajuku, cruised the ancient forest of the Yoyogi park and laughed at the crazy robot cafes in Shinjuku.

To try and see Tokyo in thirty hours isn't entirely advisable but it allowed us to get a feel for what Tokyo is like and how rad of a place it really is. We'll definitely be back soon. Till then.

Words by Crille Rask