Rhythm & Friends: Roly Gomez

Rhythm & Friends: Roly Gomez

Meet Roly. Based in Leucadia, a small beach community in Encinitas, California, he finds himself doing marketing and e-commerce work for a yoga company while lending himself out as a freelance photographer, all in a bid to scrape enough change together to work on the stuff that really matters. And, after viewing his photography and hearing of his plans for the back half of the year, it's pretty apparent what it is that really matters.

What keeps you motivated?

The urge to make new work is pretty much always there for me. When I haven’t worked on something in a while I tend to put myself in these weird funks. When this happens, I look at my old work and think about how I can do better. Then an idea eventually comes up. Looking at the work of photographers from previous generations helps with some inspiration as well. 

What projects are you currently working on in 2018?

I’m off to Cuba this week to work on a photo essay on Cuban boxing. I grew up in Miami, FL with a Cuban dad so I’ve been influenced by the culture my whole life. I did some research on how Cuba has some of the worlds best boxers, yet no one really knows about them due to a ban on professional boxing during the revolution. The goal is to capture a series of images that serve as a true embodiment of being a Cuban boxer. 

You can check out Roly's work at rolythethird.com
Or view his Instagram at instagram.com/rolythethird



Roly isn't not one to shy away from a curated playlist, saying that he knows some worldly tunes or two. Tune in, drop out.