"I’m not so much motivated, I just can’t see something I want to shoot and not shoot it."

Based in Southern California, Michael Townsend shares his time across a variety of creative endeavours. Known extensively for his photography, he also shares a design studio called Nom De Pixel and is in the process of opening an art and event space in Yucca Valley called Compound. The motivation behind it all? Doing everything he possibly can not to go to a nine-to-five, for one. 

"I think motivation should be looked at as being in a routine of constantly shooting rather than having the willpower to shoot every day. What I’ve learned is that getting in the habit of making work is what makes it good over time."

What projects are you currently working on in 2018?

The opening of our space will be a major one. It’ll be an outlet for myself and for a network of artists, local and visiting, to show work in a variety of media. And for cross-pollination and collaboration. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to chase swell and shoot video and stills for a variety of projects (Snapt4, New-Age Letdown, and Return to Zero are a few). I recently started working with a printer in LA which has shifted my viewpoint as far as shooting for print.

You can find Michael on Instagram, right here @michaeltownsend
You can also view his print store here at nomdepixel.com