What keeps me motivated? There’s actually a lot I could say about this but I think it would be best condensed into; a loathing of monotony and wasting time, and being so easily inspired and influenced by my surroundings and the people in them, I’ll hear a song or see a photo of something cool and it just makes me want to do my own.

We met James Smith while kicking back and enjoying Noosa Festival of Surfing earlier this year. Rolling down to the point with a case of beer and an amplifier blasting Sister Sledge, we introduced ourselves and started to learn Jimmy was a real character. 

I’ve been based on the Sunshine Coast for the past 5 years, working in Noosa but living in tiny shack a block back from the beach in Coolum. I make a living working as barber at Captain Sip Sops Barber Shop alongside Thomas Surfboards.

This year, James and the guys from Dear Doonan will just be chipping away recording their music and playing shows, doing film clips and all that. He'll also be working on some of his own music on the side, dabbling in a bit of hand poked tattooing at home on himself and friends when a break from music is needed and the surfs flat.

I keep myself busy, too busy sometimes.

You can find Jimmy on Instagram, right here @stinknjim


Ch 52. Feeling Good With Stinkjim

The playlist I’ve made I listened to over and over and moved tracks around to suit. I wanted to incorporate the music I’m listening to at the moment with some staple classics that I always go back to.