My name is Dylan Johnston, I’m currently living in Brooklyn, New York where I’ve been for about 5 years. Luckily for me I make my living mostly by taking photos and traveling. My photography has brought me to many new countries and helped me explore most of the US.

Flipping through new books and magazines and finding new work different to the same photos you always see on Instagram motivates me to make new and different work to curate my own style of image making.

These images are all personal photos made on trips with friends. Whether driving across the country or exploring a new place, my favourite people to travel with are close friends. You can truly be yourself and finding new things is always best shared with those you care about. 

Most of my work is shot on film with my Mama 7II and Contax G2 with Portra. 

You can view Dylan's work at dylan-johnston.com 
Or view his Instagram at instagram.com/capt_johnston