The profound feeling of discovery, an intense focus and the destress I experience is what keeps me motivated. I like observing and taking photographs when I travel, the feeling of discovery, exploring a lot, most of the time not really prepared or on a planned path, but this is the whole point.

Dino Kuznik is a Slovenian Graphic Designer and Photographer who has been living in the USA for close to 5 years, first in San Francisco and now New York. His aesthetic is something born not overnight but through a continuation of shooting and exploring, enjoying the solitude of solo travel and simply observing his surroundings. 

This separates me from the stress of the city life and makes me really focus and notice things I would otherwise miss.

With a few trips planned this year outside of the USA, outside of the Western America aesthetic and lifestyle, Dino is cracking on with an official release of a few limited edition prints and a brand spanking new website. Stay tuned.

You can find Dino on Instagram, right here @dinokuznik
You can also suss his website here http://dinokuznik.com