Rhythm & Friends: Brydie Watson

Rhythm & Friends: Brydie Watson

It's refreshing watching someone create something out of the pure enjoyment it gives them, understanding how simply joy is born out of capturing moments for no one other than themselves.  It's pretty safe to say that Brydie Watson slides perfectly into someone who does exactly this. Her photography and videography is raw, authentic and always laced with an undertone of unabridged gratification.

We touched base with Brydie to get up to speed with what she's currently up to and what's in the pipeline, and while it wasn't a lengthy conversation, it's enough to understand how much she purely enjoys her creative craft.

Rhythm: You're down in Melbourne now, correct?
Brydie: I moved down to Melbourne 2 weeks ago. I’m from Byron Bay though and my whole family lives there so I’ll be back and forth between the two.

Rhythm: What keeps you excited and motivated to keep on creating?
Brydie: I stay motivated thinking about why I do what I do, why I love it and thinking about how happy it makes me. I love emerging myself in other aspects of creative life too and learning new skills. I also think about the amazing opportunities that photography has already lead me to, and how much better it can and will get.

Rhythm: Plans for the remainder of the year and beyond?
Brydie: I just commenced a bachelor of design arts majoring in film making and photography. So that’ll definitely take up most of my time this year. I’m also experimenting a lot with 8mm videos at the moment which I’m loving!

You can check out Brydie's work at brydie-watson.com
Or view her Instagram at instagram.com/brydiewatson_