A Moroccan New Year

A Moroccan New Year

Here I am, at the end of a road, wedged between a salt desert and the ocean, the sun falls little by little, the wind continues to be heard and here I am after 24 hours on the bus to where Nathan and I had planned to meet, far in the south for a new adventure.

The surf was not excellent the first couple days but there was no precipitation, no obligation. We were in a more remote place, trying something different, with no one around. Here the wind never seems to stop, and when sometimes it calms down at dusk, alone in the desert, it gives way to a silence full of noise.

We explored the coast, across sandy plains, huge fishing villages, and where the boats are counted by the hundreds and the time seems to have stopped. Here, we found some empty waves along the beach.

A new year begins, and to celebrate we take the direction of Imsouane to finish our Moroccan trip. We arrive five minutes before the new year, time enough to open a beer and celebrate it. We are welcomed by our good pal Hamid who manages a surf camp where the spirit of authentic surf and good time reigns. It's a few days of fun, new encounters, and some memorable sessions under the Moroccan sun.

Words & photography Nil Puissant
Nathan Sadoun