Gracias Mexico

Gracias Mexico

2 beers, 2 tacos was the everyday saying while we were in Mexico. After the first hot day in Sayulita combined with fun waves and beers, we enjoyed our first ever sunset in Mexico with the best view on top of casa love Sayulita.

4:30am the next day and we are about to hit the road to La Saladita, 13 hours of driving ahead, followed by curve after curve, Mexican tunes, breathtaking landscapes, poker faced cops casually holding huge machine guns, and unexpected arm sunburn. As the sun went down we stopped at La Ticla for a couple days of well deserved surfing.

Waves were rolling with similar energy as the landscapes around, sharp and clean. Nearby, a palm tree river would make its connection towards the sunrise, wild animals would make their appearance once in a while, and handcrafted cabanas were set up alongside umbrellas on the beach. The perfect way to end a long day of pure, wild surfing.

Saladita was the final destination, we drove for another 6 hours south and again it seemed more curves were the only way to travel if we wanted to surf one of the longest left point breaks.

After so many turns while driving, this trickled over into surfing the perfect left hand point break. This wave was so long at times we had to go straight, but like driving, one more curve was about to come. 


Gracias, Adios Amigos!

Filipe Neto & Diogo Appleton