An Afternoon With NPJ

An Afternoon With NPJ

I was driving south, merging onto the Harbour Bridge headed to Bondi. It was only early, not even midday, but as the radio sang out joyful tunes and the Friday felt all was running smoothly my phone buzzed beside me. ‘Our flight has been cancelled,’ the message read. I wrote back asking of a solution knowing full well this whole event would be a bust if Neal was left in Queensland.

It was a picturesque day in Sydney, the sunshine warm and notions of summer still lingering in the air. And so we carried on, transporting a boot-full of beer, sound equipment and an enthusiastic attitude directly through the front door of the Bondi store Sunburnt Mess. We met with Pat and finalised the evening, awaiting eagerly a message saying all had been sorted. There was not much left to do, really.

About an hour later a message came through, ‘we’ll be there by two.’ And alas, the show carried on. We kicked off around 6pm with cold Corona’s flowing and live music dancing out the speakers. The crowd slowly gathered and person by person, Neal was asked an array of questions both about his boards and lifestyle in general.

As the evening went on with good times all around, the microphone was passed to Neal for a Q&A with shop owner, Pat and a forty-five minute discussion ensued. Huge thanks to Sunburnt Mess, Corona, Neal Purchase Jnr and all the crew who came down, was fun times.

Words + photos by Jake McCann