The Weekend with Hudson Ritchie

The Weekend with Hudson Ritchie

For most folks, there’s a time of the week we look most forward to. Those 48 plus hours of freedom we call the weekend. No hassle from the man, just sheer enjoyment of the good times ahead. 

Our guy Hudson was the least bit hesitant to jump in his land rover and get after some weekend adventures of his own with buddy Max along to document.  Sure, there are many things to get into on any given weekend but our ideal scenario would go a little something like this. 

After a mandatory cruise down PCH, the boys pulled up to the local break for a surf. Catching a few novelty waves was just the right medicine for washing off the gritty week now in the rearview.  With their heads held high, they were off to Redondo for a skate and a stop at the studio to lay down a track or two. From there, the sound waves kept flowing all the way to the Record shop to flip through some dusty crates and dig up that elusive tune missing from the collection. From then on they were on the move and the menu read something like this - a runaround through Pedro, a stroll through Palos Verdes, a cruise down sunset and a cup of joe or a brew in between.

We're just scratching the surface here, but as with every solid weekend, it was eventful. Have a look at the shots below for the full mix. 

All photos by Max Reyes